Team Up For Education


Local Representation services for international institutions:

  • Strategic recruitment events.
  • Information tours/missions.
  • Local Office.
  • Launching events, info sessions, webinars to present/establish the brand.

Previously / Currently representing:

  • Northwood University. USA: Business Development & Regional Representation.
  • Carl Duisberg Centren, Germany: German education Mission & specific Projects with local High Schools.
  • SMRT English. Canada: Local Representation.

Strategic Support for different institutional projects:

  • Establishment & maintenance of local institutional business relations. B 2 B.
  • Introduction of the brand in the Region.
  • Structure of the Institution’s agenda and support for international colleagues whilst their strategic regional missions take place.
  • Follow up after strategic regional Missions: reporting and working on the development of new projects as a result after their team’s visit.

Previously / Currently representing:



  • Regional Strategic Development & Implementation of marketing and e-marketing campaigns for Mexico & Latin America.
  • Structure & Support of international agendas for CEOs, Presidents, Chancellors, Directors and Managers of Recruitment for their agenda in Mexico, for both specific projects and exploratory visits to the region.
  • Organization and Logistics of Brand, kick-off events and presentations in the industry at local venues such as Embassies, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
  • Management of agents partnerships: research, connection, representation agreements control, trainings, follow up & support services locally.
  • Representation of educational institutions and associations all over the Latin American region: visits, presentations, trainings and events.
  • Local / Regional office management: for recruiting & managing local staff, while offering Mexican full legal status to Mexican employees through our company.
  • Connection between international institutions and important local education partners such as schools, universities and government offices for their own purposes of international development.

Previously / Currently representing:

  • Northwood University, USA: Local Office and projects development & implementation.

Creation and implementation of own brand events:

  • CHEM: Mission that connects Mexican high schools students with Canadian universities & colleges seeking to recruit in the region.
  • CHSM: Mission that introduces, informs and recruits students for a semester/year long program at Canadian high schools from Mexican high schools.
  • Logistics management of the international & local events, to promote interactions between peers from different countries & Mexico.

Previously / Currently working on Consultancy projects with:

  • Canadian Higher Education Mission CHEM. Mexico: Own event. 1st edition: Fall 2019. 2nd edition: e-CHEM + CHEM in Fall/Winter 20-21.
  • Canadian High Schools Mission CHSM - AEI & TUFE. Mexico. Own event. 1st edition: Fall 2018. 2nd edition: Spring 2019. 3rd edition: Winter 2020.
  • COMETA. Mexico: Peers to Peers logistics for their events. 2018 & 2019 both for National & International Organizations that collaborate with them.



Some of

Our Clients and Allies

Pierre Sved

International Relations Lakehead University

Service Provided:

Participation during the Canadian Higher Education Mission - CHEM

“Lakehead University participated in the first edition of CHEM in the Fall of 2019 and we were very pleased with the results. Moreover, the team of professionals at Team Up for Education makes our lives easier by arranging the logistics and the access to top high school students, their parents and the counsellors in Mexico. Another characteristic that I admire in CHEM is that it is 100% dedicated to Canadian Higher Education Institutions wishing to develop their undergraduate markets in Mexico.”

Mamiko Reeves

Ed. D. Assistant Vice President and Dean, International Programs Northwood University

Service Provided:

Business Development Management & Regional Representation

“Team up for Education has been excellent to work with. They are responsive and they listen to their client’s needs very carefully. We have been happy with their proposed strategic approaches. Since we have started working with Team up for Education since Feb. 2020, we have not had full cycle to evaluate the results, but we are confident they will deliver what they have promised. We recommend Team up for Education without any reservation and really appreciate their professionalism and accessibility.”

Shawn Silverstone

International Marketing Manager School District 43 (Coquitlam)

Service Provided:

Participation during Canadian High Schools Missions - CHSM

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Team Up for Education on several of their Canadian High School Missions. Their events were extremely well organized, particularly the school visits. They know the education market in Mexico and they’re a great resource when it comes to market intelligence.

I look forward to partnering with Team Up for Education again on one their future missions, and I highly recommend their services to schools, colleges and universities recruiting in Mexico.”

Manuela Garza

Founder Colectivo Meta

Service Provided:

Logistics for National & International Events.

“Over the past three years, Colectivo Meta has hired the services of Team Up for Education to coordinate the logistics of high-level events both nationally and globally. Our experience with Angie and her team has been exceptional. Their work is impeccable. They have extremely high standards both professionally and ethically. Their work is detailed, rigorous, culturally respectful, and without mistakes. Having them fully take care of the logistics of our events allowed us to focus on the substance of the events. All of the reviews we received from partners and clients with respect to their work were super positive. We highly recommend their services”

Alex Gachanja

Coordinator, Student Recruitment The University of Winnipeg

Service Provided:

Participation during the Canadian Higher Education Mission - CHEM

The University of Winnipeg participated in the CHEM 2019 tour in Mexico, this was our first tour with them and I was impressed with their organization and professionalism. We visited highly rated international schools and interacted with some wonderful students who were academically strong and specifically looking to pursue their studies in Canada. As a recruiter, it is not always that you participate in a fair where each school you visit is just as impressive as the previous with students passionate about their academic studies and opportunities abroad. I would recommend CHEM for any institution that is looking to delve into the international students market in Mexico.

Ciomara Romo Rios

English Coordinator Junior High and High School Colegio Bilbao

In the last years we have stretched our relation with TEAM UP, our students show interest on studying abroad and Team Up have been of great help, we usually invite them to give talks and people from different schools from around Canada have come to visit us and promoted great opportunities for our students.

Through Team Up, we have received information from different institutions and visits with their representatives, Institutions like St. Francis Xavier University, Northwood University, Pembina Trails, CDC, Coquitlam District., Peace River North District, Balmoral Hall Private School for Girls.

We are very happy to continue working side by side with Team Up.

Kevin Fuchs

M.A., M.Ed. University Guidance Counselor Peterson School - Cuajimalpa campus

Ever since I started working as the university guidance counselor at Peterson last year, I have had an extremely positive collaboration with the great team at CHEM.

Last year they organized a mission at Eton School in Santa Fe. I truly enjoyed this mission as it gave me a chance to meet with amazing and interesting Canadian institutions with which I did not have any interaction before. It really helped me establish new relations with Canadian Higher Education.

During the year we met various times, they have brought interesting universities and other institutions to my school, we discussed interesting opportunities for my students, and they attended a university fair I organized in March.

Because of COVID-19, they organized many webinars and meetings, connecting my school with higher education in Canada.

Not only do they focus on higher education, they have also introduced us to Canadian High schools looking for exchange partners and a German language school, helping us to internationalize at Peterson.