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International Education Services Mexico & LATAM

We are a team of experts in the international education field with over 30 years of experience combined. We offer in-country staff and expertise to help your institution succeed in Mexico and LATAM.

Team Up for Education ́s structure and services, allow us to work with a number of alike institutions to help them reach their objectives in the region with no conflict of interest. One exclusive and dedicated Project Manager per account, implementing the organization ́s strategy.

We are a group of experts in international education. The diversity of our professional backgrounds provides us with the necessary strengths that have helped us create and successfully manage strategies for business development in the education sector.

Team Up For Education

Our Team


Angelica Ulloa

General Director & Senior Consultant

Being part of the International Education industry for over two decades has brought me to understanding the importance of Internationalization even nowadays when the way of approaching it has clearly switched to a new hybrid structure in the way educators offer international alternatives to students. While successfully having launched a consultancy firm in 2019 to team up and serve educational parties anywhere in the world: Team Up for Education® along with a great team of professional consultants and advisors, I am working towards the expansion of the awareness at all levels of the education in & out Mexico and the world.

Debbie Ulloa

Debbie Ulloa

Administrative & Operations Director

Debbie has worked in many projects in International Education since 2008. Part of her service in Team Up is making sure that all the opportunities and projects run smoothly. She is in charge of managing resources, budget and the team. She takes care that everything follows a structure and the legal rules established for the proper functioning of the company and our allies and clients.

Yi Lopez

Yi Liang Lopez

Projects Support Specialist

Internationalist from the UNAM, Yi Liang has experience as an assistant professor supporting teaching and planning courses in different subjects. Likewise, She has worked on inter-institutional linkage thanks to the professional practices she has carried out in different governmental agencies. Her job at Team Up is to achieve greater international mobility so that students, have better possibilities of growing in the field they wish to develop themselves.


Roberto Zambrano

Operations & Projects Strategic Support

Robert has 10 years of experience in the international arena, working as project analyst for different global institutions. Expert in data analysis and projects implementation, he joined Team Up for Education as Projects and Operations Assistant in 2019 to contribute to the international mobility and studies abroad.


Alejandra Castilla

Institutional Relations Manager

Ale is in charge of all of the development of the local relations with schools and also the International Relations for specific projects and purposes such as events, missions, visits of colleagues such as Presidents, Chancellors, Teachers, and Representative Managers of institutions abroad.